This story is about Marie-Chantale Jaboulay who lived in Lyon during the 19th century. She worked as a weaver in the jacquard production. One day, during the year of 1831, when she was finishing up her last work on the loom, a colleague of hers ran into the factory yelling that ”the revolution has started!!”. The weavers of Lyon had started a protest in hope to improve their work conditions. Marie-Chantale got hit in the head during the protests and passed out.

She woke up in 2021, in her old family home and met Céline, her great-great-great-great-great granddaughter (that also works in textile). 

After the shock of realizing she had time travelled, she calmed down and asked Céline about the working conditions in the textile industry. Only to realize that almost the entire industry had become technolized and moved out from her beloved Lyon. They decided to co-operate with their two very different knowledge and visions, to bring back the traditional craft back.


100% silk



Silk dyeing


Fabric production

Jacquard weaving


Garment production